Work In Progress

Makey Makey- Butterfly Project

Step #1: Paper Butterfly

This was my first paper butterfly. I started with this to make sure I could find a way to include the wire in the butterfly without it showing. I used aluminum paper/tape to hold the end of the wire on the side of the wings, making it a part of the butterfly.


Step #2: 3D Box

The second step I did was find a box I could use as a surface to place my butterflies but also hide my wires. I made a whole at the top of the box and passed the other end of the wire inside of it, pulling the butterfly closer to the surface of the box until they were connected and the wire was invisible. I then secured the butterfly to the box with tape. I also found a place to put the ground wire, which is on the left side of the box. I then connected the butterfly wire and the ground to the makey makey to test if it would work, and it did.



Step #3: Make all the other butterflies

After I confirmed that this project could work I proceeded to make my 7 other butterflies, connecting them all to a wire and passing it through my cardboard surface. I also covered the top surface with decorative paper.


Step #4: Decorate the surface

After all the butterflies were connected and secured to the surface, I decided to decorate the top surface with more then a sheet of paper. I added decorative mushrooms and hot glued some fake grass around the butterflies to make them look part of a forest. The green grass also served as an element that would hide the bottom of the butterfly and its wires, as they are taped to the box. Since I want this project to make you feel submerged in a forest, I thought the decorations were an important touch. I also covered the sides of the box with green floral paper to add even more to the decor. I replaced the ground wire of the makey makey at the bottom left of the box and covered it with aluminium. I didn’t want this part of the project to take distract from the rest, which is why I kept it simple and only covered it with aluminum. People interacting with this piece won’t even see it, it only serves as a space for them to press on while also pressing on the butterflies

Final Project:

The video included at the bottom shows how the project works and its final result. I am very satisfied with the result, as the sounds pile up to create an immersive forest ambiance. Visually, the final product helps to create the ambiance with the use of grass and colours, which makes the butterflies look like they are in an enchanted forest. Click on video below to see the final project in action! (Butterfly Project)

Butterfly Project